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WiFi HotSpot Creator: Instantly turn your PC into a Wi-Fi router and share your broadband connection with an unlimited number of users.

You can securely share any internet connection whether it is a DSL, Cable, Mobile Broadband or even Dial-Up connection - All with the click of a button!

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Free, quality software for your PC.

We offer a large selection of free, high quality award winning software applications for Windows PCs ranging from system utilities, security tools, administration tools, graphics/media converters, and much more!

  • Logon Changer Pro

    Change your windows logon screen to something fun!

    Customize your Windows 7 or Windows Vista logon screen with our simple to use and free software.Our software will automatically resize your image, align it and provide you with a preview window of what your background will look like before you apply the changes.

    Click here to learn more about this software.

  • PC House Cleaner 2012

    Cleanup and improve your PC performance.

    PC House Keeper 2012 is the most comprehensive PC maintenance software for Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers with 20 different tools (and counting) that are specifically designed to help diagnose and improve your computer’s system and network performance.

    Main Features:

    • Clean junk, redundant and temporary files left behind on your PC.
    • Uninstall unused and problematic software from your computer.
    • Regain used hard disk space and avoid “Low Hard Disk Space” errors.
    • Scan and Fix registry errors that may have been caused by problematic software and viruses.
    • Control which programs startup when you turn on your computer.
    • Regain used memory and avoid “Low Memory” errors.

    Clipboard Text Recorder

    Save all of the text on your clipboard and use it later!

    Automatically saves whatever text you copied to your clipboard to a list, then lets you copy them back to your clipboard whenever you need to paste it. Copy all the text you want right away without worrying about losing it - when you are ready to use your copied texts simply select that text and place it back to your clipboard and paste it wherever you need to paste it. Also supports saving your clipboard to a text file.

    Logon Changer Pro

    Change your windows logon screen!

    Customize your Windows 7 or Windows Vista logon screen. Work on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, supports reverting back to default screen. Simple to use. Includes a preview screen. Automatically resizes and optimizes your image before applying it and shows a quick preview of what your logon screen will look like before you apply your image.

    Yellow Desk Notes

    Digital sticky notes.

    Yellow Desk Notes is a handy and reliable utility designed to create sticky notes.

    Awesome Logon

    Change your windows logon screen!

    Customize your windows logon screen with any image on your computer, no more boring default windows logon images! This software lets you change the logon screen image of your Windows Vista or 7 PC with the click of a button. It automatically resizes and optimizes your image before applying it and shows a quick preview of what your logon screen will look like before you apply your image.

    • Automatically resizes and optimizes images before applying them to the logon screen.
    • Comes with 48 awesome preset images already built in.
    • Supports loading custom user images.
    • Shows a preview of the your logon screen directly on the main software window.
    • Supports both Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    • Lightweight: Less than 20 MB is required on your PC.

    Simple Startup Manager

    Speed up your start up time.

    The Simple Startup Manager software is a tool that allows you to manage your Windows startup programs. You can add or remove programs from starting up as your system starts up in order to either start your favorite program as soon as you login to your system or remove unecessary programs that are causing startup delays.

    This tool is also helpful in identifying computer slowness issues related to an excessive amount of programs that have been added over time to the system's startup procedure.

    Proxy Quick Switch

    Proxy switcher.

    Quickly Activate/De-Activate IE proxy server settings from the system tray.

  • EZ File Shredder

    A simple and effective secure file deletion software

    EZ File Shredder is a simple software that securely deletes any file on your system leaving absolutely no forensic trace of the file so that it can never be recovered again. This software uses file deletion methods that are used by government and law enforcement agencies throughout the world to permanently delete files.

    When a file is normally deleted in a system, Windows simply stores that file in a hidden location on your hard drive, making that space available for any other file. The file is never really deleted until it is completely overwritten by another file. This software securely deletes the file by overwriting the file several times with random information before it is stored in this hidden space, making the contents of the file impossible to recover.

    Ultra Port Scanner

    Lightning fast port scanner.

    Ultra Port Scanner is an extremely fast, multi-threaded port scanner for Windows machines. It can scan 1000 ports in less than 5 seconds by using multi-threaded scanning technology. This tool can allow system administrators and network security professionals detect open IP ports on remote or local machines in order to identify and troubleshoot security or network communication issues. Fully supports scanning on both local and remote computer networks.

    CD Locker Lite

    Lock CD Drives.

    CD Locker Lite is a very simple utility that lets you lock your CD drives to prevent other users from using your CD tray.

  • FLV Play!

    Play FLV videos directly from your PC.

    FLV Play! Is a flash video file player that lets you instantly play FLV files on your computer or from any URL. Simply select the file you want to play or type in the URL of your video and the player will instantly play back the video.

    FLV Play! Is easy to install and play with and is stricly limited to playing FLV files.

    Convert-All Free Media Converter

    Easily convert movies and audio files to any format!

    Convert-All Media Converter is a free, easy to use application designed to convert all of your favorite media files including movies and music to any media format to fit any multimedia player including PSPs, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Windows Mobile phones, and other MP4 and MP3 players.

    This application can convert multiple video and audio formats like MPEG-4, AVI, H.264, DivX, XviD, FLV, MOV, 3GP, WMV, MP3, AAC, AC3.

    Ultra YouTube Downloader Free

    Download YouTube videos to your computer.

    Ultra YouTube Downlaoder Free lets you download video from YouTube straight onto your computer. Ultra YouTube Downloader Free supports saving your videos in MP4, WEBM and FLV format. Supports HD and low definition videos.

  • Batch Image Resizer

    Instantly resize multiple images.

    Batch Image Resizer - Resize multiple images at once in an entire folder with a single click. Allows you to set the resolution for all of the images and destination folder. Once the program starts running it will go through each image in a folder, set it to the desired resolution and save that as a copy on the destination folder of your choice.

  • Active Directory User Lookup

    Find users on your network.

    Find on which computer a specific user is logged in to. Displays the IP address and host name of the computer where the user is logged in.

    MacFinder for Windows

    Monitor MAC address associations.

    MACFinder is a very useful tool for security administrators that lists all of the MAC addresses and hostnames on a given network. This tool is particularly useful when attempting to locate a rogue device that has been plugged into a network.


    Change your MAC address.

    DynaMAC is a simple tool for Windows systems that allows a user to change the MAC address of any given Network Interface Card (NIC), including wireless cards. This tool is very useful for network administrators and security professionals.

    Dell Service Tag Lookup Tool

    Service tag finder.

    The Dell Service Tag Lookup Tool is a tool that helps system administrators or help desk technicians easily locate the service tag of any Dell machine over the local network.

    Remote Command Line

    Control a remote PC.

    Remote Command Line - Start a command line on a remote computer.

    Putty Enhanced

    Maximize the functionality of Putty.

    Putty Enhanced v1.0 provides an extremely flexible and advanced user interface for the open source Putty software suite of SSH related tools. It includes a UI that incorporates elements of all six Putty applications including PUTTY, PLINK, PSCP, PSFTP, PUTTYGEN and PAGEANT.

    It allows the user to send custom arguments to the programs and “pipe” the output of the program back to the user interface, eliminating the need to run the command-line-only programs via a command prompt.

    It includes a "Pipe Commands" option designed to run the program of your selection in silent mode and "pipe" the output of the program to the user interface. This gives you the ability to use the user interface to pass on several arguments to the desired application. It also includes a commonly used arguments section where you can simply enter common variables such as username, password, server, port in a text box and run the desired program using these arguments.

Note: Depending on the software you download you may be presented with optional 3rd party installation offers from very reputable vendors. You are not obligated to install these optional tools to use our software. If you choose to install them, remember you may uninstall them from your Control Panel at any time. These offers help us maintain our free software.

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